Hello. I’m Marc Dumas and I am the parent of a 3rd grader at SLES. When asked, I jumped at the
opportunity to become more involved in the workings of this great community with zeal.I have been a
part of this community since my daughter was in Kindergarten at the Branch building almost 8 years
ago. SLE was always very special to us, and my 3rd grader is having an equally wonderful experience.
I am a lifelong Chicagoan, growing up in Chatham, going to school on the near West Side and then
Lincoln Park, and now making the great decision with my children’s mother to send them to SLES.
Along with striving to be the best father I can, I am also a Real Estate Broker with Baird and Warner. I
understand how hard it can be sometimes to balance both career and family, especially when everyone
doesn’t live in the same house. I really am looking forward to advancing ideas and solutions for how
SLE can support parents who are in similar situations.
Creating an environment for everyone’s voices to be heard is critical to our future collective success.
Change is in the air. As our NTA and South Loop Elementary communities continue to pursue their
mission to have the best possible education for their children, the LSC members elected to the South
Loop Elementary School should be instrumental in enhancing and strengthening inclusive spaces
around our school vision that respects the efforts of all communities to fight for vibrant and welcoming
neighborhood schools, including ours.
I stand for election as part of a diverse and committed slate of parents and community residents called
T.I.M.E. 4 Excellence. We believe that Transparency, Inclusion, Metrics for accountability, and Equity
for all are foundational requirements to make South Loop Elementary excellent for students, parents,
caregivers, teachers, staff and neighbors. I am excited to work on bringing great ideas to life as part of
a wonderful team working hand in hand with the principal, community, and students.
Our slate would like to bring new engagement approaches that make it easier for our whole community
to connect with our school – clarity of communications, transparency of meeting dates, continued
volunteer opportunities for all parents, caregivers and neighbors, flexibility in when/where we meet to
include more single/working parents, and regular open meetings with neighbors. We’d work for these
approaches to be measurable and I am running on a slate that is committed to accountability.
Please vote for me, Marc Dumas on April 18 at the South Loop Elementary main building from
6am-7pm and support our slate T.I.M.E. for Excellence members (you get to vote for up to 5!) Also,
check out our website to learn more about who we are and what we stand for: www.TIMEforSLE.com.
Thank you, in advance, for your support of our slate and an excellent SLE!
Go Lions!