December 2, 2020
The following steps will help Chromebooks and/or laptops/PCs that are getting dropped from Google Meets and/or are experiencing poor video feeds. Please try these steps with your child before requesting a new device. The Chromebooks are all the same specs (with only 4GB of RAM). Remember to sign-out AND shutdown the Chromebook AT LEAST once...
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South Loop  LSC Election Results Listed below are the vote totals for all the parent and community candidates. Congratulations to the 2021 LSC members: Sweety Agrawal, Saadia Siddique, C. Aaron Price, Joseph Cummings, Katherine Neville, Korene Smith, Dulana Reese and Sufyan Sohel. Teacher members are Tina Chan and Kevin LaCoco Non-teacher member Shanae Joseph ParentsVote...
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