Local School Council


Local School Councils were created under the 1988 School Reform Act to get Chicago’s communities involved in their schools. Councils are at the very heart of school reform and are responsible for many positive changes taking place. Input and decision-making by the Local School Councils are meaningful and positive partners in the education process.


The Local School Council members are elected every two years and is comprised of the principal, 6 elected parent representatives, 2 elected community representatives, 2 appointed teacher representatives, and 1 appointed school staff representative.

The LSC is responsible for:

  • Principal evaluation and contracts
  • Approval of Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP)
    Download 2018-2020 CIWP »
  • Approval of how school funds and resources are allocated
  • Engaging parents and community members through various committees


The LSC meets monthly at 6:15 p.m. in the Main Building Cafeteria. Parents, community members, teachers, and staff are welcomed to attend this open forum and meeting minutes are posted on this site once finalized by the council.


Much of the LSC’s responsibilities, as defined in the bylaws, are worked on in committee. These standing committees are charged with a specific function and include:

  • Bylaws – Volunteers maintain, review and update the council’s bylaws to ensure that they meet the changing needs of the council and our school.
  • Communications – Volunteers who market the school through social media and school communications.
  • Family Involvement Group (FIG) – Volunteers who encourage family involvement and organize/oversee family nights, fundraisers, and other social events during the school year.
  • Finance – Volunteers who oversee fundraising initiatives for the school.
  • Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) – Chaired by an LSC faculty member, who monitors special education programs, including compliance with the requirements of LRE.
  • Principal Evaluation – Volunteers are responsible for making recommendations to the LSC regarding the evaluation of the current or candidates for principal.
  • Space Planning (ad hoc) – Volunteers design and evaluate plans for new space expanding school grounds.

Like the LSC meetings, committee meetings are open meetings, and parents and community members are encouraged to participate as members or to attend the open meetings. View the school calendar for committee meeting dates or contact the committee chair.

To become involved in any committee, please contact the South Loop School Volunteer Coordinators at slsvolunteers@gmail.com or visit the school’s website to find meeting dates.


Parent Representatives
Sweety Agrawal
Marc Dumas
Lisa Johnson
Joseph Cummings
Jennifer Rakstad
Saadia Siddique

Community Representatives
Anna Fazekas
Kathryn J McKechnie

Faculty Representatives

Tara Shelton – Principal

Tina Chan

Kevin LaCoco

Shanae Joseph

**All meetings are held in the Main School Building at 1212 S. Plymouth Ct.