1st Day of School

August 30, 2021 @ 8:00 am-3:30 pm
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School Policy:
Please take the time to again review the school policy including drop off & pick up protocols.

School Policies

Supply list:

School Supply Lists

Uniform reminders:

The South Loop Elementary School uniform consists of solid navy-blue bottoms and
solid white tops:
✅     Bottoms: Solid Navy blue uniform pants, leggings, shorts, capris, skirts or dresses to
the knee. Jeans are not permitted.
✅    Tops: Solid white shirts with sleeves.  Sweaters and sweatshirts may be white or
navy blue.  The only permitted logo is the South Loop Elementary School logo or motto.
Tank tops, logos outside of SLES logo, stripes, polka-dots, etc. are not permitted.
✅     South Loop School’s spirit wear: Visit https://southloopshop.com to order school
spirit wear.
✅     Outerwear & Accessories: Outerwear (coats & jackets), tights, socks (no open toe
shoes), footwear and hair accessories are at your discretion.  Shoes must be appropriate
for school activities, including recess. Flip flops, open toe shoes & skate shoes are not

Where can I purchase uniforms?
✅    General uniform items can be found at Lands’ End, Target, Sears, JCPenney,
Zemsky’s, or Children’s Place.
✅   South Loop Elementary School receives 3% cash back from all uniform purchases
at Lands’ End.  Preferred School Number: 900121088
✅   Uniform options with the South Loop Elementary School logo or motto can be
purchased from our school’s new spirit shop at southloopshop.com or gently used options
at our Resale Shop, opened periodically throughout the year.

If a child is not complying with the dress code, the school will follow the Students Bill
of Rights and a parent will be called to bring the appropriate clothing.  Extracurricular
activities, such as after-school sports-clubs, may be revoked as a result of consistently not
wearing the required school uniform.
What is South Loop School’s gym uniform policy?
✅   Students are assigned a specific day of the week for gym class. The mandatory
South Loop Elementary School Gym Uniform consists of solid navy- blue
shorts or sweatpants and solid gray top:
✅   Gym Uniform: A South Loop Elementary School gym uniform is required on the
student’s assigned gym day.  Grey SLES shirts, Blue shorts, Grey sweatshirts, and
Blue pants can be purchased on the school’s spirit shop: southloopshop.com.
✅   Wearing a solid blue shirt and solid grey pants are not an approved gym uniform.
Gym/Tennis Shoes are required for gym. Students will not participate in gym
without the required gym uniform or gym shoes.




August 30, 2021
8:00 am-3:30 pm
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