LSC Meeting

May 10, 2023 @ 6:15 pm-7:15 pm
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Regular Meeting
Wednesday May 10, 2023
6:15 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Location: Via Google Meet*:
or join by phone: + 1 470-242-8199 PIN: 394922737

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Approval of minutes from the April 12, 2023 Regular Meeting
5. Approval of minutes from the April 26, 2023 Special Budget Meeting
6. Review of checks and budget transfers (Shelton)
 Check # 2474 from Account 24220 in the amount of $3,773.00 for the 6 th
Grade Trip
 Check # 2481 from Account 26503 in the amount of $3,817.89 for the 8 th
Grade Luncheon
 Transfer $2,000.00 from the Right At School internal account to the
Instructional and Online Budget line to purchase books, a typing program,
and Freckle Online Math
 Transfer $2,000.00 from the Right At School internal account @$1,500.00 for
instructional books and $500.00 for online resources

7. Administration Reports
a) Principal’s Report (Shelton)
b) Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (Garcia)
8. LSC Committee Reports
a) By-Laws (Neville)
b) Communications (Price)
c) Family Involvement Group (Beaser/Wadhwani)
d) Finance (Cummings)
Review and approval of internal accounting balances
e) Least Restrictive Environment (LaCoco)
f) Principal Evaluation (Neville)

9. Old Business
 Near South High School Proposal (Cummings)
 We will be returning to in-perons meetings starting with the June 7, 2023
Regular Meeting (Cummings)

10. New Business
11. Public Forum. Utilize the chat feature to be called on or e-mail questions in
advance of the meeting to:
12. Closed session to discuss the Principal Evaluation and return to the open session.
13. Approval of the 2023 Principal Evaluation scores (Neville)
14. Adjourn

LSC Responsibilities & Members
Local School Councils are responsible for approving the Continuous Improvement Work
Plan (CIWP), approving the alignment of budgetary resources to the CIWP, engaging in
the annual evaluation of the Principal’s professional practices, and selecting or
renewing the School’s Principal
Principal: Tara Shelton
Faculty: Nicole Garcia, Kevin LaCoco, and Larry Magee
Parents: Anna Beaser, Joseph Cummings, Katherine Neville, C. Aaron Price,

Shawn Sawyer, and Emily Wadhwani

Community: Dulana Reese and Vacant
Student: Vacant


May 10, 2023
6:15 pm-7:15 pm
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