Stand Up, Speak Out Week

Next week is “Stand Up, Speak Out” week, organized by Student Council. The events will include an anti-bullying purple dress down every day next week (Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday) and the shirts must be solid purple with no writing unless it is the SLS bullying shirt, and the pants MUST be blue jeans. Next week will also include a mix it up lunch where people should sit next to other people, especially during lunch and if they see someone with no one to sit with. Student Council has also made a video that will be shown to middle school advisories.

“Stand Up, Speak Out” is about building new relationships and learning about different people. We are encouraging students to make an effort to make new friends especially during recess and lunch periods. We want all students to learn how to have empathy for others and to know they are part of a safe and welcoming environment at South Loop School