2019-2020 Spelling Bee

What’s the Buzz?
2019-2020 South Loop Spelling Bee

Attention 1st-8th Grade Parents!
Students from all grade levels will be competing together in the South Loop Spelling Bee.

The South Loop Spelling Bee will take place in three rounds.

Round 1: Classroom Bee
(scheduled by the teachers between Dec. 13-20)

Round 2: Grade Cluster Bee – The classroom winners will compete against the other classroom winners in that grade cluster.

January 10, 2020
1st-3rd grade – Primary building, 9:30am
4th-8th grade – Middle School building, 12:00pm

Round 3: School-wide Bee on January 10, 2:00pm*
Elementary building

Top 2 grade cluster winners will compete against other grade cluster winners.

Help your students learn the words for the competition.

Encourage your kids to start at the beginning of the list and keep learning the words on the list as they get more and more challenging.

*The School-wide Bee will cover words from all 3 levels.

Thank you and have fun!