Around the World Country Representation & Volunteers Needed

Volunteers and Food donations needed
Event Date: Friday February 21, 2020, at 6:15pm. 
Where: Middle School

Chairpersons: Abby DryerJanean Kwan

For those new to our school, Around the World is a free community event celebrating the rich ethnic/cultural diversity in our school! In the past we’ve had over 30 countries represented through food, table displays & performances.


Opening – A March of Nations will start the event, followed by various ethnic performances to highlight the night.  Should your child want to participate in the walk with their nation’s flag, they will be lined up with the rest of the students participating, while the South Loop Band plays, all during which their country will be read out loud (alphabetically) – just like in the Olympics!  Should you like your student to participate, please reach out to us directly. (Abby DryerJanean Kwan)

Food – Food has always been an important part of any culture, and as such – is very important to have for this event. 

We are in need of food donations from different parts of the world.  No nuts please.  A dish / dessert plate either ordered from a restaurant, or from home can be brought on the night of the event.  It would be greatly appreciated if the platter size is large enough for all to share.  (Examples: some families brought German cake, pad thai, fried rice, empanadas, etc.). These dishes will be served in the cafeteria. Should you like to contribute, please reach out to us directly via email.

Table Countries – We currently have a list of prior volunteers from the past who have had their country represented through table presentation.  Should you like to participate again this year, please email us to confirm country represented.  Also if you believe your country hasn’t been represented but would like to, let us know, we would love to have you!

Your country’s table should present facts, location, pictures etc using a
tri-fold display board.  Make your table fun and interactive!  Example of things that have been displayed in the past are: sample money, ethnic clothes, small samples of food (not required), etc. 

Feel free to contact your embassy for ideas – they may be able to provide you with items to display on your table / poster board.  Also, do dress in your native attire!  We are so lucky to be part of a school which has so much rich ethnic backgrounds, let’s show them off! 

Here are a couple of Scoop articles on last year’s event:

 REMEMBER: Focus on the following 3 categories:

1. Creativity

2.  Educational

3.  Overall PresentationLet the best table win with Bragging Rights, PLUS your kid(s) will be interviewed by the South Loop Scoop and featured in a news article!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email: 
Abby Dryer or Janean Kwan

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