Attention Middle School Parents: Before & After School at Mariano’s

Attention Middle School Parents,

At this time, I am lifting the ban and allowing students to go to Mariano’s before and after school. The students have demonstrated a great deal of responsibility this school year, and have earned back this privilege. I will speak with the students this week about the school’s expectation for shopping in the store and I am asking you to do the same. All 4th-5th graders must continue to be accompanied by an adult.

Please discuss the following:

  • Students should not go with large groups to the store.
  • Do not go to the store if you don’t have any spending money
  • Do not run, horseplay or yell in the stroe.
  • Do not play in the food bar or eat food you don’t pay for
  • Do not go to the store with a friend you know has “sticky fingers.” All parties will be arrested.
  • Mariano’s privileges will be revoked, if students are late to school due to shopping at the store
  • We are a no peanut, no excessive sweets, no candy, no gum and no “hot chips of of any kind” school.

Thank you for your support.

Principal Shelton