Call for “80’s Prom” Decorating Committee

Spring Benefit organizers need volunteers to help with preparation of 80’s Prom decor.  

Remember what fun it was to decorate with your friends for homecoming or prom, well let’s relive those magic moments! Spring Benefit committee would love to have 8-10 volunteers to help make a few decorations and set up for the Spring Benefit on May 20.  Nothing intense, just making some letters (can you say Cricut), making paper flowers, blowing up balloons, and hanging up lights and streamers in the venue.  If you have additional ideas, we are always open to suggestions.  There are opportunities to help at home in the coming weeks or set up on the day-of on May 20 between 3-5.  The more people we have the less time it takes!  In the immortal words of Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy!”

Fill out form to sign up and we’ll be in touch!