CPS Dental Program

In partnership with the Chicago Department of Health, CPS is offering on -site preventative dental services at no cost to all Pre-K- 12th grade students. The dental team will provide students with Dental Exams, Dental Cleanings, Fluoride Treatment and Dental sealants. Mobile Care Foundation will be on-site on the following dates:March 7, 2022 for Pre-K studentsMarch 11, 2022 for Kdg- 3rd  grade studentsMarch 10, 2022 for 4th- 8th grade students

As a reminder, all Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 6th grade and 9th grade students must have a dental exam completed by a licensed dentist before MAY 15, 2022.   For dental services, a consent form must be completed by a parent and/or guardian. Return form back to school.