Effective immediately, Crocs may no longer be worn at school. Crocs are not safe shoes to wear. Crocs will now fall within our no open toe shoe, flip flops, or sandals policy.

Shoes without a back support or sturdy bottom are not safe when traveling up and down the stairs or when playing at recess. Crocs are also definitely not appropriate footwear for PE class.

Healthy Snacks & Nut-Free/Gum-Free/Candy-Free School
South Loop Elementary School is free from gum, candy, and nuts.

Our nut-free policy includes all* tree nuts.  In order to ensure the safety of all children, please adhere to this schoolwide policy, refraining from all nut products.

Please send healthy snack options with students for lunch. We have seen an increase amount of students bringing snacks that contain red dye 40, which has been known to cause side effects that impact children’s behavior or attention span. Food items that contain red dye 40 should be limited, food items such as takis, flaming hot cheetos, and other hot chips should NOT be brought to school.

(What is Red Dye 40?)