Youth Guidance Camp During Strike


Hello South Loop Parents –

In the spirit of continuing to support our parents and students, Youth Guidance will be providing day camps, off site, during the impending strike. This off site camp will be held at Willow Creek Community Church at 1319 S. State St. This day camp will be available every day that school is not in session from 8:30am-5pm.  We will not be able to provide snacks or lunches, so be prepared to send your student with both. 

Given that we will not know how many days this off-site camp will be needed, it will necessary to register EACH day  for the following days’ camp. The price will be $50/day per student and is separate from your regular Extended Day tuition. 

Once school resumes, we will calculate the missed number of after school programming and each parent who had paid for their October tuition will be refunded for those days that we did not have programming. You will be refunded regardless of if you attend our off site day camp or have other plans for your students. Unfortunately, the nature of hosting camp off site excludes any students using CCA subsidies from being able to attend on their co-pay. If any CCA students are interested in attending, they will need to register and pay the daily fee. If the strike does indeed commence, you can sign up for day camp on our site the evening before at this link. All subsequent camp days can be found on the left of the site, under “Extended Day South Loop”, as they are added daily.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult circumstances. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Office: 773.534.8698|Work Mobile: 312.478.5796 

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