Building 3 (Middle School): Drop off & Pick up


Please utilize Kiss-and- Go beginning at 7:45 am. Enter on 17th  State Street or 17th Clark Street. Make a right or left turn unto Dearborn Street. Pull to 16th Dearborn Street. Drop-off. Keep moving forward. Make a right turn on 16th Street. Head east on 16th Street. 

Do not use 16th street for pick-up or drop-off. We want to be neighborly to Daystar School and prevent any traffic congestion. Everyone’s cooperation is requested.

** Please do not park or stand anywhere in the traffic pattern. Make sure students are ready with their things. Do not access  car trunks in the drop off line. 

** If you must park, please park at the meters on State Street. (Note: Street cleaning is on Tuesdays).

Students can arrive as early as 7:45 am  and must report to the lunchroom until 8:00am.

    • 8:00am- 4th & 5th Grade report to the playground; 6th-8th grades report to rooftop playground. Students must use Stairwell A (main entrance stairway) to go up to 4th floor.
    • Students will be dismissed from the playground to go to their lockers by 8:20 (using the C stairwell). 1st Period begins at 8:30

Students are tardy at 8:35 am  


Dismissal – 3:30 p.m. 
Do not park or double park on 16th Street. 
4th graders must be picked up by a parent/guardian inside the front entrance.

Extended Care Pick-up:
Enter at main entrance to check out kids at the desk.