Building 3 (Middle School): Drop off & Pick up


Please utilize Kiss-and- Go beginning at 7:45 am. Enter on 17th  State Street or 17th Clark Street. Make a right or left turn unto Dearborn Street. Pull to 16th Dearborn Street. Drop-off. Keep moving forward. Make a right turn on 16th Street. Head east on 16th Street. 

Do not use 16th street for pick-up or drop-off. We want to be neighborly to Daystar School and prevent any traffic congestion. Everyone’s cooperation is requested.

** Please do not park or stand anywhere in the traffic pattern. Make sure students are ready with their things. Do not access  car trunks in the drop off line. 

** If you must park, please park at the meters on State Street. (Note: Street cleaning is on Tuesdays).

Parking/Traffic Flow:
Please  beware of all zone  parking restrictions.   
The flow of traffic is extremely important to prevent traffic congestion. All students must be dropped off on Dearborn Street between 17th to16th streets. Do not drop off on 17th Street. 
If you want to remain with your child, please park on State Street. 
Do not park on the  northside of 17th street, eastside of Dearborn  Street, or southside of 16th Street at any time.  This is our drop off area. Do not double park or stand at any time. We must keep traffic flowing.  
  • Enter on 17th State Street or 17th Clark Street only.
  • Make a right  or left turn onto Dearborn Street. 
  • Head north.  Look for staff directing traffic.
  • Keep pulling forward. BE PATIENT. Do not hop around the car in front of you for any reason.
  • Students must be ready to exit the car with their belongings.  Kiss and say goodbye. 
  • Do not park or  get out of your car. Do not wait until your child is inside of the building. Do not open your trunk to retrieve any items. 
  • Keep moving forward. 
  • Turn right or let  onto 16th street
  • Head west to State Street or east to Clark Street . 
  • Do not drop off on the east side of Dearborn Street , northside of 16th Street or northside of 17th Street.
  • Extended Day families are expected to follow the flow of traffic at all times. 

Students can arrive as early as 8:00 am  and must report to the lunchroom until 8:30am. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE SUPERVISED OR ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING PRIOR TO 8:00 AM.  DO NOT LEAVE STUDENTS UNSUPERVISED PRIOR TO 8:00 AM

    • Arrival and Pick up 4th – 8th  
      4th – 8th  grades will enter and exit the doors below.
      8:00AM Early Drop off: Students eating breakfast must enter the main entrance- Door 1

      • 4th grade – Door 1 main entrance
      • 5th grade- Door 9
      • 6th grade- Door 9
      • 7th grade- Playground
      • 8th grade- Door 8


    • Pick up:

      • 7th and 8th grade pick up on 17th Street at Door 8
      • 5th and 6th grade pick up 16th Dearborn Street at Door 9
      •  4th grade pick up on 16th Dearborn Street at Door 1- main entrance.

Students are tardy at 8:35 am  


Dismissal – 3:30 p.m. 
Do not park or double park on 16th Street. 
4th graders must be picked up by a parent/guardian inside the front entrance.

Extended Care Pick-up:
Enter at main entrance to check out kids at the desk.

Pick Up:

  • Follow drop -off procedures
  • Do not pick-up between the alley entrance and the corner of 17th Dearborn Street. Head east to Clark Street.   
  • Do not stand or double park between the alley entrance and the corner of 17th Dearborn Street.
  • Do not stand or park in the alley
  • Designated pick up areas:             
  1. Eastside of 16th Dearborn Street
  2. Southside of 16th Street
  3. Westside of Dearborn Street. You must park. Students will  only be allowed to cross street at the corners of  16th and 17th Street. Do not double park/stand
  4. Drive east on 17th Street to Clark Street. Northside of 17th Street.
  5. From Clark Street, drive east on 16th Street. Southside of 16th Street before and after Stop sign.