School Policies

School Expectations & Reward System 
South Loop Elementary School is a
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (“PBIS”) school and embraces South Loop Lion PRIDE.  PBIS emphasizes positive teaching and reinforcement strategies to promote expected behavior.  Parents are asked to use the same tools at home when reinforcing positive behavior by asking their child(ren) questions around how they are showing Lion PRIDE and following the South Loop Way.

Lion paws are given as a reward to classrooms who embrace our values. At the end of each month, classrooms with the greatest number of lion paws are then rewarded with a small token due to their hard work. Parents can use this system at home on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the age of the child(ren). Rewards should be realistic (stickers, watching a favorite movie, etc) with the goal to provide a safe and engaging environment for everyone.

Attendance Policy
Regular attendance is imperative to ensure successful and positive growth in school. All children should be in attendance unless they are ill.  Five (5) hours of instruction are required for a full day of attendance and a minimum of 2.5 hours of instruction is required for a half-day.  

Students returning to school after an absence must bring a written statement signed by the parent(s), explaining the reason for the absence. If an absence of two (2) or more days is anticipated, please contact the classroom teacher via email. CPS policy will be followed regarding contacting parents of children that have five (5) or more unexcused absences. An absence due to a vacation is considered unexcused.

Grading Policy
The South Loop Elementary School uses the following Grading Scale to report student progress in grades 1st – 8th:

  • 100% – 90% = A
  • 89% – 80% = B
  • 79% – 70% = C
  • 69% – 60% =D
  • 59% or below = F

Report cards are issued at the end of every quarter, covering a period of approximately 45 school days.  The Chicago Board of Education has designated two days during the school year for parents to pick up grades and confer with their child’s teacher.  A child must be in attendance 25 days of the marking period to be eligible to receive grades.

In addition, Student Progress Reports are issued to students at the midpoint (5th week) of each quarter.  These reports should be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the homeroom teacher.  Parents can access grades and attendance online through the CPS ParentConnection.

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Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones must be turned off and stored when on the school bus, on school property or inside the school building. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in discipline according to the Student Code of Conduct. While cell phones have offered parents a direct link to their children, they can and have created problems by disruption to the educational process.

School Fee
A $75.00 school fee is due for every student the first week of each school year.

Payment Options: You may pay your student fee by credit card online or by cash/check/money order and dropped off at the Main Office (payable to Friends and Family of South Loop, Inc.)

This fee covers instructional supplies, parent agenda (Kindergarten-8th) and student agenda books (3rd-8th only).

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Email Blasts: To receive parent email blasts from South Loop Elementary School, please email Laarni Livings to be added to the distribution list.

Newsletters: The Principal, Assistant Principal, Teachers, Gifted Coordinator, Ancillary teachers, and Youth Guidance Program Directors may also provide quarterly and/or monthly newsletters.

Concerns: If there is a concern to address, contact your child’s teacher first. If the teacher cannot provide you the assistance needed, contact a school administration clerk. If more information is needed after speaking with the administrator, please schedule an appointment with Principal Shelton.

If you would like to schedule a Parent-Teacher conference, please email your child’s teacher directly to schedule. The teacher should reply within 24 hours to confirm a meeting date and time.

Conference timing will be just before or after school hours. The day of the conference, enter the main entrance of the school, sign the visitor’s log, and obtain a visitors pass before proceeding through the building.

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Parent Involvement
South Loop Elementary School is successful due to the strong involvement and dedication of our families, faculty, staff and most importantly, our students. There are many ways to volunteer inside and outside of the school. 

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Birthday and Holiday Policy
South Loop Elementary School has instituted a “no treats” policy for birthdays, in order to decrease emphasis on sweets and disruption to the school day.  To celebrate your child’s special day, they are encouraged to donate their favorite book to the classroom.

South Loop Elementary School celebrates secular holidays through academic and creative projects to emphasize the educational, cultural and creative value of a holiday. The school avoids holiday celebrations and parties in order to preserve the academic environment and decrease the emphasis on treats.


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Please read the CPS Code of Conduct