Uniform Policy


The South Loop Elementary School uniform consists of navy blue bottoms and white tops:

Bottoms: Navy blue uniform pants, shorts, capris, skirts or dresses to the knee (**New as of 2021-22 – Navy blue leggings are now permitted.) Navy blue sweat pants on gym days. ***Jeans are not permitted.

Tops: Solid White shirts with sleeves or any spirit wear with the school logo or motto.  Sweaters and sweatshirts may be white, or navy blue. The only permitted logo is the South Loop Elementary School logo or motto. Gym shirts or plain gray shirt on gym days. ***Tank tops, logos outside of SLES logo, stripes, polka-dots, etc. are not permitted.

Outerwear, Shoes & Accessories: Outerwear (coats & jackets), tights, socks, shoes and hair accessories are at your discretion.  Shoes should be appropriate for school activities, including recess. ***Flip flops, Crocs & skate shoes are not permitted.

Gym Uniform

The South Loop Elementary School Gym Uniform consists of navy blue shorts or sweatpants and gray tops:

Gym Uniform: A South Loop Elementary School gym uniform is required on the student’s assigned gym day.  SLES shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and pants can be purchased at the SLES Shop (coming soon).  Gym/Tennis Shoes are required for gym.

Where to purchase:

  • General Uniform items can be found at retailers including Lands’ End, Target, Sears, JCPenney, or The Children’s Place.
  • Uniform options with the South Loop Elementary School logo or motto can be purchased from Lands’ End, our SLES Shop, or gently used options at our Resale Shop, opened periodically throughout the year.


Spirit Wear Days:  **NEW as of 2021-2022** Students may wear any South Loop Elementary School Pride Wear shirt anytime in place of the white uniform shirt. 

Anti-Bullying Day: Each Wednesday, students are encouraged to wear a solid purple shirt and jeans to take a stand against bullying.

Out of Uniform Days: Special fundraiser on Fridays (check calendar for dates) leading up to the 8th graders’ field trip. Students may donate $2 to come to school out of uniform.  Proceeds benefit the SLES 8th graders’ annual field trip. 

Sport Team Days:  The school celebrates Chicago sport teams throughout the year and students may wear the colors,  shirts, or jerseys of our sports teams. These dates will be announced via SLES email blasts.

Picture Day:  Students do not have to wear uniforms on school picture days and may dress up.



If a child is not complying with the dress code, parents will be called to bring the appropriate clothing and/or extracurricular activities, such as after-school sports, may be revoked as a result of not wearing the required school uniform.

Where to Purchase Uniforms:

South Loop Elementary School receives 3% cash back from all uniform purchases at Lands’ End.

Preferred School Number: 900121088