Setting Up a New User CPS Email Account A step-by-step guide

Setting Up a New User CPS Email Account
A step-by-step guide

Staff and students who are new to CPS or have never logged in to their CPS account will need to set up their user account by going to This guide explains the process for setting up an account for the first time. Please note in the instructions that there are some steps that are different for students and employees.

For Chromebooks, please see the information regarding the new Claim Account Kiosk App below.

1. Click New user? Set up your account.
2. Answer all questions on the Step 1 tab. Then click Next.


  • Contractors and charter staff must call the IT Service Desk at (773) 553-3925 to complete this step.
  • For CPS staff, your claim code is your employee ID number.
  • For students, their claim code is their student ID number.
  • You will receive an error message if the information you entered is incorrect. Please try answering all questions again. Then click Next.
  • If you receive the error message after answering all questions again, you may not be a new user.
  • CPS staff should call the IT Service Desk at (773) 553-3925 to confirm they are a new user.
  1.  Create your New Password.  
  • Your password must be at least 8 characters in length and meet the following 3 criteria:
  • Uppercase letter (ABC)
  • Lowercase letter (abc)
  • Number (0-9)
  • We highly encourage passwords to include one special character for added security (e.g., !@#$%^&*).
  • Your new password cannot match any of your previous 5 passwords.
  • For students and staff, your password must not include your ID number or username.
  1. Re-enter password to Verify password. Then click Next.

  1. Create your challenge questions by scrolling down to see all questions, then selecting and answering any three questions of your choice from the list.* Then click Save



  • Answers must be different for each question and must
           contain more than three characters.
  • Please leave all remaining questions blank.
  • If you choose less than three challenge questions or
           your answers are not valid, you will receive a message
           asking that you try again using this criteria.
  • Please be sure to not accidentally add any spaces after
           your answer.
  • You may click the eye icon to reveal your answer and
           check for any typos.
  1. Once your new user CPS email account has been set up you will receive a Complete message. Record your username, close this tab and log in to your CPS account at Please note that it may take up to five minutes for the account to take effect.

Chromebook Claim Account Kiosk App

In order to sign in to a Chromebook, a new user must first claim their account. In order to facilitate this action, ITS has deployed a Kiosk App to the Apps Drawer of all managed Chromebooks. Simply open the CPS Claim Accounts App and follow the instructions above. Once your account has been claimed, turn off the Chromebook by holding the power button for 5 seconds. When it reboots, you will be able to sign in to the Chromebook.