Pay School Fees

All student fees can now be paid through an external online portal.  These fees include annual fees, graduation fees, field trips and 8th grade trip fundraiser. 

*All other donations & fundraisers, please donate through Friends & Family of South Loop School, a 501(c)3 organization.*

Annual Student Fees


School Fees Per Student

Do you qualify for a need based school fee waiver? 
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 $ 75.00
Band Fees (Only for students in band)  
Instrument Rental  $ 50.00 (1st Child in Band)
Extra Instrument Rental  $ 25.00 (per extra child in Band)
8th Grade Graduation Fee  $ 75.00
 8th Grade Graduation Luncheon  $ 50.00
Misc Fees  
Yearbook  $ 21.00
Athletic Fees for SLES Sports  $ 10.00
Field Trip  TBD (Dependent on Field Trip) 
8th Grade Graduation Fundraiser  $ 2.00/week 
   $ 48/year