Pay Student Fees

Pay Student Fee

All student fees can now be paid through an external online portal.  These fees include annual fees, graduation fees, field trips and 8th grade trip fundraiser. 

*All other donations & fundraisers, please donate through Friends & Family of South Loop School, a 501(c)3 organization.*

Annual Student Fees


School Fees Per Student

 $    75.00

Band Fees (Only for students in band)


Instrument Rental

 $   50.00 (1st Child in Band)

Extra Instrument Rental

 $    25.00 (per extra child in Band)




8th Grade Graduation Fee

  $    75.00

 8th Grade Graduation Luncheon

 $    50.00



Misc Fees




 $    25.00


Field Trip

 TBD (Dependent on Field Trip)



8th Grade Graduation Fundraiser