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South Loop Elementary School is successful due to the strong involvement and dedication of our families, faculty, staff, and students. We are committed to the development and education of our children and are excited for you to join in on the journey!

Below is a list of SLES volunteer opportunities, expectations, and contacts. Reach out to contacts directly or fill out our volunteer form to become involved today.

Annual Fundraisers

Boosterthon Fun Run

Work with the Boosterthon organization on the Fun Run fundraiser to help continue one of the most profitable fundraisers for South Loop Elementary School.

Need: Committee members are the liaisons for the school with Boosterthon.

Timing: January or February

Contact: Lisa Johnson 

Fall Fundraiser

This casual fundraiser kicks off the school year at a local restaurant and provides attendees time to network, while enjoying food and silent auction items.

Need: Committee arranges event logistics, communication, and donations.

Timing: October

Contacts: Erika Berkey and Tracy Carlson

Spring Benefit

Celebrate the end of the school year with the annual gala featuring food and beverage, dancing, silent auction items, and so much more!

Needs: Committee arranges event logistics, communication, and auction items.

Timing: April or May

Event Planning: Need Chair
Donations: Need Chair
Event Communications: Need Chair
General: Lisa Johnson 

Family & Community Events

Around The World

This event features and celebrates different cultures and cuisines from around the world.

Need: Committee arranges logistics, communication, and volunteers to represent each culture.

Timing: Spring

Contact(s): Abby Dryer 

Dance with Your Daughter

Annual Daddy-Daughter dance for fathers/guardians to enjoy quality time together.

Need: Committee arranges logistics and communication for the evening.

Timing: Spring

Contact: Urakay Juett

Fitness, Hoops, and More Night

Event for all SLES students to come participate in a night of sports and learning about fitness. Done in partnership with different fitness and sport companies throughout the area.

Need: Committee arranges logistics and communication for the evening.

Timing: Fall

Contact: Betsy and Tim

Green Initiatives

Clean & Green:
Organize Clean & Green events in support of the school and community. Volunteers improve landscaping and maintenance of school grounds.

Need: Committee arranges dates and green initiatives in the Fall and Spring.

Timing: Fall and Spring

Contact: Elena Savona

Crayola ColorCycle:
This initiative helps teach our students about protecting the environment by working together to recycle used markers throughout the year instead of throwing them in a landfill.

Need:Committee works with classroom teachers to collect and recycle used markers.

Timing: Ongoing

Contact: Nicholl Doggett

K-3 New Family Welcome Picnic

The Welcome Picnic for Grades K-3 provides parents and students new to the school a chance to meet each other and ask questions of current SLES parents.

Need: Manage the list-serve, parent Q&A, and picnic logistics.

Timing: August

Contact: Tracy Carlson

Sports with Your Son Night

Evening of fun competition between groups of moms/guardians and sons.

Need: Committee arranges logistics and communication for the evening.

Timing: Spring

Contacts:  Krishna Lynch & Sherry Murphy


Back to School Picnic

Annual picnic at SLES Building 2 on the playground (or gym if inclement weather) for families to celebrate the start of the new school year, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and purchase Resale Uniforms.

Need: Committee arranges logistics and communication for the event.

Timing: September

Contact:  Tiffany Norwood

End of School Carnival

Carnival for the school to celebrate students hard work and a year of achieving our values of Lion PRIDE and the South Loop Way.

Need: Committee arranges logistics and communication for the event.

Timing: June

Contact:  Tiffany Norwood

Scholastic Book Fair

Great opportunity to get books into the hands of our children.

Need: Organize volunteers for set-up, staffing, and breakdown of school book fairs.

Timing: Fall and Spring

Contacts: Anna Beaser (Building 2) Cara Jaques (Building 3) 

Winter Dance

Winter Dance for students at the Main Building (Please note: The dance only takes place at the Main Building).

Need: Organize volunteers for set-up, decorating, snacks, staffing, and breakdown of the winter dance.

Timing: Winter

Grades 2nd-6th:
Sweety Agrawal  
Grades 7th-8th:
Principal Shelton


Box Tops for Education

Help raise funds for the school through the Box Tops for Education initiative.

Need: Communicate goals and deadlines; manage collection and shipping.

Timing: Fall and Spring

Contacts: Lisa Taylor and Katie Smith

Uniform Resale

Help raise funds for the school through our SLES Uniform Resale.

Need: Collect gently used uniform items; sort and organize for resale.

Timing: Periodically throughout the year

Contact(s): Heather McCowen and Nicholl Doggett

Lost & Found

Need: Coordinate monthly sorting and claiming of students’ lost items, distributing unclaimed items to charitable organizations.  

Timing: Periodically throughout the year

Contact: Lisa Taylor

Lunch Cafe Crew

Need: Assist students in navigating the lunch line and opening containers for grades K-1.

Contact: Managed by Room Parents (K-1)

Safety Patrol Point Person

Safety Patrol Coordinators ensure there are enough volunteers throughout the month to streamline student drop-off and pick-up. Onsite volunteers are important as they open car doors, usher students, and direct traffic flow.

Need: Volunteers for Safety Patrol in the mornings at each location.

Contact(s): Jenn Majerus (Building 2); Tracy Colwell (Building 3)

School Tour

Need: Support onsite faculty-led tours of the school buildings for prospective parents and students.

Timing: Monthly throughout the school year

Contact(s): TBD ( Building 1); Tara Rossi (Building 2); Saadia Siddique (Building 3)

Teacher & Principal Appreciation

Need: Organize volunteers to create cards and small tokens of thanks to teachers and administration during their respective appreciation weeks.

Timing: Fall and Spring

Contact: Michelle Thomas

Volunteer Coordinator

Need: Review submitted forms and answer questions from potential volunteers so they may become involved in one of our school’s committees and groups.

Timing: Throughout the year

Contact: Tracy Carlson


Ad-Hoc Requests

Need: Throughout the year, room parents will reach out for help with classroom field trips, secret reader, career day presentations, class festivals, etc.

Contact: Room Parent

Room Parent

Need: Serve as a liaison for the teacher and parents — disseminate classroom information, support classroom festivities, and encourage classroom involvement and volunteer opportunities.

Contact(s): Erika Berkey (Building 2); Lisa Taylor (Building 3)

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