Fall Fundraiser is almost here!

By Addison C, Sydney C. and Aizah A. 

The Fall Fundraiser is a great fundraiser for the school. The fundraiser will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at Aurelio’s Pizza, at 1212 S. Michigan Ave. The theme will be Next Stop South Loop. (We think it is a train theme but will ask the committee to confirm).

There are no auction items this year, but there is a special lion fundraiser. If the school raises $10,000, Principal Shelton and Assistant Principal Rhodes will do Kiss-and-Go dressed as the SLES Pride Lion. 

The co-chairs of the fundraiser are Erika Berkey and Tracy Carlson. We asked them the following questions:

How many members are in the committee?

A: We had a working committee of 6 and several others who jump in the night of. 

What’s the theme this year?

A: The theme is “Next Stop,” a play on the school being in Chicago, in the middle of the action (the Loop) and being close to the “L” and main transit.

What is the goal this year? 

A: Looking to earn the most we have made yet by raising $30,000 with sponsorships, ticket sales, shirt sales, and the 10k goal in cash donations/ paddle raise.

What is the most challenging part of organizing and what is the most fun?  

A: The best part is working alongside other parents in the school community to think of what can help the school and how we can get people excited to participate.  The toughest part is coordinating schedules to meet. Everyone is busy but finds huge value in getting together to brainstorm and plan.