Which building is better: New or old? (Spoiler: They’re both pretty great!)

By Alessio C., 5th grade

As you know, there is a new South Loop building for 4th-8th grade. There are some people that think the middle school is better than the primary building, but I talked with some of the South Loop Scoop staff and we concluded that they both have their advantages. 

Middle School Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of the middle school is size. The middle school has twice the number of floors as the primary building, which makes it almost twice the height of the primary building. Another advantage is a larger lunchroom and more people that help serve lunch.

Primary School Advantages

During the summer the primary building went through many changes, including new carpeting, new art and murals made by Mr. Gabe (pictured above), new music and art rooms. Also, thanks to the donations from the fall fundraiser, we installed new water fountains. The primary building has double the art it had a year ago, especially in the cafeteria. One reason a student would prefer the primary school is because the playground is humongous and has more equipment to play with. On the playground of the primary building there is lots of space for about 100 students to play at a time.

Now that you know the advantages of both buildings, which building do you prefer?