Lisa M Johnson

I am a proud parent of a 4th grade student at South Loop Elementary School. I am passionately committed to the academic and emotional development of South Loop students. I have served 2 terms and I am excited to continue my participation on the LSC. I enjoy being an active member of the school community. I also serve as Chair of the Finance Committee, President of the Friends and Family of South Loop Board and have been a co-chair for the spring benefit fundraiser for the past 4 years.

Professionally, I have worked in banking operations most of my career. Currently, I manage the North America derivatives collateral management team. My experience as a manager in a trade support environment has sharpened my organizational skills, taught me to adapt to change quickly and make decisions on the spot in fast-paced and volatile environments. I am a logical and pragmatic individual accustomed to working with global and diverse teams to accomplish common goals. I believe these skills will benefit our school community as we prepare for a new school building and a possible merge of two school populations and cultures.

If I am elected, I will continue to work, alongside parents, community and administration, towards the common goal of providing the best education and opportunities possible for our students. I am an engaged and active council member. I enjoy connecting and finding commonality among different cultures and value systems.

During past years, I have learned a great deal about the behind the scenes operations and worked with many groups to provide a thriving school environment for our students often in times of limited space, resources and funding. Our fundraising proceeds have increased to over $100,000 with my participation. I love being a part of the process. Being the offspring of a career CPS teacher, I have great respect for this education system and for the teachers who make the magic happen in the classrooms daily. I believe in this school, this community and most important I children.

I have proven my commitment to South Loop Elementary School through my participation on committees, and in planning and fundraising. If elected, I will continue to work to bring balance and unity during this upcoming time of change and transition for our school and our community. We have accomplished a lot but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. I hope that you will show your support for the continued success of South Loop Elementary School by electing me as a member of the Local School Council.

“Be the change you want to see!” – Dedicated, single parent with a full time job. Make time for what you believe in!