Sweety Agrawal

Hello Parents and prospective voters! Let me introduce myself to you, and tell you a little about why I want to represent the school on the Local School Council.  My name is Sweety Agrawal, and I have a 3rd and 5th grader at SLES currently.  In fact, we moved to the South Loop several years ago when my oldest was starting Kindergarten, and after being a part of the school community, we decided to stay in the area.  Essentially, my girls have grown up in the SLES community, and it has been wonderful. In addition, I am a clinical psychologist and have worked in the Child Protection Division at the Cook County Juvenile Court for the past 10 years.  

As for what I have done at South Loop, I have been a Room Parent for several years.  Currently, I am the Room Parent Coordinator (RPC) for the school year. I have really enjoyed working with and getting to know the various teachers, parents, and administrators at the school, while being the RPC.  One of the important parts of being the RPC has been ensuring that parents receive updates and good communication about events, especially when there are questions or some confusion. Along with another parent, I also help to moderate the SLES parents’ Facebook page, which is another way parents often communicate about upcoming events or special days at school.  I have been helping the Communication Committee with the new website for the school, by doing some of the writing for the pages.

There are many ways that parents can become involved in the school, and the LSC is one I hope to become a part of.  I have been involved in a lot of school activities and roles already, so you can be assured I am qualified for the job.  What I would bring to the table are my skills in working with others, critically thinking about the future of the school and overall, my commitment to the school community.  As these next two years will involve a good deal of change and problem solving, I am prepared for these challenges and will tackle them head on. We have an amazing school community, and I cannot wait to continue to help make it as inclusive as possible, work to get more parents involved in volunteer and/or fundraising activities, and to help the transition to the new school building feel as seamless as possible.