Volunteer Spotlight: Primary Building

As we kicked off the school year, there were so many parents who jumped in to help with the transition of buildings and new processes. Each building was filled with excited students, most experiencing their school building for the very first time. With the help of our volunteers, we were quickly able to establish our new routines and flow! A few special shout outs are below:

At the Primary Building, Jen M. and Steve M. made it their mission to smooth out traffic flow drop off – they spent a weekend creating signage reminding parents to stay right and be ready! Steve has been at the school each morning to manage volunteers, cars, …and can now even add “crossing guard” to his resume. Many thanks to both of you – it has made a huge difference!

Erika B worked with administration to establish needs and volunteers for the first few weeks to help the younger students line up in the playground and find their way to their classrooms. Thank you to you and all the parents who jumped in to help with this!

And Christine D. and Anna B. saw a need and formed a quick-action committee to repaint the faded room numbers on the Primary playground. They worked with other parents to purchase paint and stencils, and then arranged a time (around inclement weather) to make it happen. Thank you for jumping in and solution-solving on your personal time!

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