Volunteer Spotlight: Room Parents

Top (L-R): Elena Savona, Janean Kwan, Erika Berkey; Bottom (L-R): Michelle Thomas, Will Barroso, Xiomy Rodriguez-Fahs

Each year, our school is lucky to have volunteer Room Parents (“RPs”) serving as liaisons between the teacher and parents.

This school year, our Room Parent Coordinators are Will Barroso and Erika Berkey.  While new to this role, they are knocking it out of the park with timely information, solid school knowledge, and great recommendations for improvement (based on author’s personal observation and parent feedback).

As for classroom Room Parents, our volunteer spotlight is on Elena, Janean, Michelle, and Xiomy. They enjoy the role as a way to build relationships with teachers and students and enjoy knowing what is happening around the school. And it provides an opportunity to keep an eye on their kids as well!

If you are looking to become a Room Parent, below are some tips from our honorees:

  • Elena finds it is not a daunting job and it gets easier with the older grades. She recommends working with your teacher to know where the needs are and get a free account on sign up genius.
  • Erika encourages laughter. A lot of it. Oh, and read the handbook, it tells you almost everything you need to know. Join the SLES Parent Facebook page for advice and solidarity. And some of my favorite advice: Make friends with fellow parents, we are all in this together!
  • Janean is currently serving as RP in two classes, so her advice makes a lot of sense: “Always Breathe! When things get hectic, give your child a big hug…and share some ice cream!”
  • Michelle has prior experience as a RP (just a mere 20 years ago) and has enjoyed the improved time savings with google groups and sign up genius.

Thank you to each of you — and all room parents — who provide such a value to our overall school experience!


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