Volunteer Spotlight: Safety Patrol

Many thanks to all the parents who volunteer each day for Safety Patrol (aka Kiss-N-Go) to keep everyone safe and moving through the school drop off lines smoothly! The safety patrol system was revised this year to have one grade responsible for volunteering each month. With a prize for the classroom with the most participants, we have seen an increased presence of volunteers, which makes a positive impact on morning drop off.

Thanks to Jen Majerus and Tracy Colwell, who have led this charge and are responsible for alerting each grade when their month has rolled around to encourage participation.

And many thanks to Abby Toth and Kim DeMarco, who have become familiar faces to the Kindergartners and 1st graders for drop off! Abby has even become a local celebrity at the 1915 S Federal location: “One day while picking up [my son] after school, a group of children came up to me. One of them pointed, and yelled ‘I know you! You open our car doors in the morning!’ The rest of the kids gathered around me excitedly yelling, ‘Yes! yes! We know you!'”

What inspires Abby and Kim to volunteer in an outdoor capacity in our Chicago weather, you ask? They love getting to know all of the children in the branch building. And greeting the children and the adults that drop them off gives them an opportunity to become more familiar with our school community and set a good example. Sharing a smile and a quick greeting also helps set the tone for the rest of the children’s day!

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