Potentional Screening of “Eighth Grade” the Movie at SLS

Attention 8th Grade Parents,

I applied for the screening of “Eighth Grade” the movie to be viewed at our school.
A24, the studio behind the story about a girl named Kayla, suffering and surviving her waning days of middle school, is offering to screen the movie for free at 100 schools during the week of Oct. 22.“Teachers will say, ‘I have kids like this in my class, kids who struggle with anxiety,’” Burnham (writer and director of the film) said. “I think it can be good to put that in some sort of concrete narrative for them, rather than getting up and showing them a PowerPoint on anxiety and mental health, which can seem a little cold to the kids.”   . . .

Please review the trailer in the link below. If you have any concerns please email me.  If it seems that the content is too heavy for our students, I will opt out of showing the movie.  Parents are invited to view the movie with students as well.


Here are some reviews on Common Sense Media from parents who have viewed the movie:

Tara Shelton, Principal

South Loop Elementary School