Dear Parents,
If you have not yet done so, please pay your school fee now. Every student benefits from the resources we are able to provide from the collection of school fees. A number of our resources are from parent support, including the school fee. The school fee is used to purchase many of our instructional materials for the classroom, incentives for the students, additional fine arts and academic programs for the students, technology and classroom supplies.
Currently, we have collected around $21,000.00 in school fees. If theschool fee of 600 students is collected, we will collect $45,000. If theschool fee of 780 students is collected we will collect $58,500 to support much needed resources for all of our students. .
Please pay your school fee of $75.00 per student Tuesday, October 31st. You can pay on the school website, send a check or money order (made payable to Friends and Family of South Loop), or bring cash to either main office.
Please help us to continue to provide high quality resources for our students.
Thank you,
Ms Shelton