2022-23 Important Information (New Information Every Week) Pt. 7 (Day 2)

Volunteers will be available on the first day of school to assist families with locating their child’s homeroom. New families may have trouble creating an Aspen Parent Portal account.

In order to find out your child’s homeroom assignment, parents will need to log into Aspen Parent Portal https://aspen.cps.edu/aspen/logon.do

  1. Log into Aspen
  2. Click the “3-line” navigation button at the top left of the page
  3. Click on “Family”
  4. This page will provide your child’s demographics including their homeroom number.

Note: If you have multiple children linked to one Aspen Parent Portal, you can navigate to the other children by clicking the down arrow next to the student’s name at the top of the page.

Assistance Navigating Parent Portal


Students can also log into the Aspen Student Portal to see their homeroom and courses that are scheduled for this school year. 

  1. Log into Aspen
  2. Click the “Academics” tab at the top of the page
  3. You will see a list of all courses the student is enrolled in including their homeroom.

New students and parents of new students must first set up a CPS account before gaining access to either Aspen Portal.

Setting Up a CPS Account

If your child is enrolling from another CPS school, they will already have a CPS account and there is no need to set up a new one. For students who are new to the district, please use the link below to walk you through how to set up Anthony’s CPS account. You can try to set it up today. However, it may take 24-48 hours after enrollment to set up your child’s CPS account.

When setting up the account, you will use the student ID# (see above) when asked for the claim code. Students must be signed in to a CPS account in order to access Google Classroom.  

If your child is new to the district, click on the link below and go to “Claim Your Account”. From there you will be able to use your child’s student information to set up their account. 


Once the CPS account has been set up, you can access all class assignments via the Google Classroom app in the email account.  Parents, be sure to sign up for Google alerts from your child’s Google Classrooms. Teachers use Google Classroom to assign classwork and communicate with parents/students. Parents may also wish to sign up for weekly summaries of their child’s progress.

Aspen Parent Portal Access


Aspen Student Portal Access 


Arrival and Pick up  Pre-Kdg 

  • Pre-k Cluster program – Door 1 Main Entrance
  • Prek Room 101- Door 2 -Driveway 
  • Prek Room 103 – Door 3 – Playground
  • Pre-k room 105 – Door 4 – Federal Street

Arrival and Pick up  Kdg- 3rd Kdg – 3rd grade students will enter and exit the assigned doors listed below. Students eating breakfast must enter door 6 (playground door). At 7:55 am students will line up by their homeroom. Homerooms are  located on the playground.

  • Kindergarten classrooms 124 &127: Pick-up on Federal Street at door number 7
  • Kindergarten classroom 131: Pick up from the playground at door number 3. 
  • 1st grade classrooms 220, 221 & 224: Pick-up on Plymouth Court at door number 2
  • 2nd grade classrooms 225, 226 & 205: Pick up on Plymouth Court at main entrance.
  • 3rd grade classrooms 207, 208, 209: Pick up on Federal Street at playground door

number 6 Do not park cars in the school bus drop off area by the main entrance.

Arrival and Pick up 4th – 8th  
4th – 8th  grades will enter and exit the doors below. 
Drop off: Students eating breakfast must enter the main entrance- Door 1

  • 4th grade – Door 1 main entrance
  • 5th grade- Door 9 
  • 6th grade- Door 9 
  • 7th grade- Playground
  • 8th grade- Door 8 

Pick up:

  • 7th and 8th grade pick up on 17th Street at Door 8 
  • 5th and 6th grade pick up 16th Dearborn Street at Door 9
  •  4th grade pick up on 16th Dearborn Street at Door 1- main entrance.