8th Grade Parents- 2nd Round Application Window



As you know, the 2nd round application window opens April 29th- May 6th.  Again, I highly encourage you to apply to any and all schools that your child(ren) are eligible.  Please pay close attention to any additional eligibility requirements (i.e interviews, info sessions, etc) if you DO NOT attend/complete these additional items your application WILL NOT be considered.  

You must login to your gocps account in order to access the high schools that have available seats.  Once you have logged in just like first round then you should be able to hit create an application and select the schools in the order of your preference.  

If your student receives a second-round offer, they will automatically forfeit the first-round offer they accepted (if applicable). Therefore, families should ONLY apply to programs in the second round that they want MORE than the first-round offer they accepted.

If you DO NOT remember your password and/or email used to create your account then  contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773.553.2060 or email at gocps@cps.edu

As always if you have questions or concerns please contact me.


Moshe’ Brewer