A message from Principal Shelton

South Loop Family,

We find ourselves in anxiety-inducing times with the potential spread of the Coronavirus.  As a school community, we are taking this very seriously and as we approach the coming weeks I want to remind our students of our South Loop values.  Lion PRIDE is something we practice daily, so I am urging all students to remember to be both respectful and inclusive of their peers. No student or adult at South Loop should be accused or mocked about getting sick, and we ask parents to support their students through conversations in the spirit of equity and inclusivity.  I’ve always believed South Loop’s diversity is our greatest strength, and so we must not single others out or make light of comments towards students of different heritage with regard to Coronavirus or for any other reason.  

As we addressed this issue with students at school, we also want parents to have conversations about racism toward any race. We are fortunate to be a very diverse school, and it is never okay to speak negatively about any race.  Our school has a rich culture, which is unlike any country on earth, and we must value the vibrant diversity that makes SLE such a special place.  It is important that these conversations begin and continue at home because that is where values begin. At school, we are reinforcing the values of kindness, respect, inclusivity, and acceptance.


Principal Shelton