A Message from Principal Shelton

South Loop Families,

I’m proud to give an update on our Phase 2 and Phase 3 reopening progress over the past two weeks.  First off, I want to thank our staff and parent community for doing so much to get the in-person return to schools up and running, we would not be able to do any of this without your dedicated support.  

As we move forward, our number one goal will continue to be ensuring safety for all of our stakeholders.  We have developed, and are working with, a parent safety consultant committee made up of healthcare professionals to help us vet and reflect upon our reopening plans in order to make sure no stone is left unturned as we think about the many ways we can operate safely on a daily basis.  In our first meeting yesterday, we had a productive discussion about school entry procedures that will help ensure more robust safety measures are in place at the beginning of each day.  That conversation, and the decisions made from it, were possible thanks to the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are part of our school community and who are actively seeking to help all South Loop students and staff be safe within our buildings.  

Knowing that, we are disheartened and disappointed that someone from our school community would put their self interest above the collective responsibility that falls upon all South Loop Elementary stakeholders right now.  Our understanding is that our safety committee, the one formed to keep our students, teachers, and building staff members safe, was reported to the CTU because of someone not agreeing with the parents participating or with the CDC-aligned advice we had made regarding proper mask types we should be outfitting our students with.  

As a school leader, I have to make tough decisions that to the best of my ability serve all families and students. Because reopening, and continuing to stay opened, are my highest priorities I will continue to meet with our parents in the medical field as consultants, and our staff will create a separate safety committee to address any safety issues in hybrid learning. It is important that whatever decisions are made are driven by science and by an unwavering focus on our students’ learning.  

Thank you everyone for your continued support. 

Lion Pride- South Loop Strong