A Message from Principal Shelton Regarding Lunch Forms

Dear Parents,

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year in a remote learning environment, we recognize the unique challenges we all are facing. As such, we would like to re-emphasize the importance of completing the lunch application per family- The FIIF- (Family Income Income Form),

Why is the Family Income Income Form (FIIF) important to me and my school?

The information from FIIF is used to determine the allocation of Supplemental Aid (SA) and Title I funds to every school for FY22.  Additionally, it is used to screen for healthcare (Medicaid) and SNAP benefits for families.  

When is the deadline to enter FIIF information into ODA?

Similar to last year, the deadline for collecting and entering the forms is as follows.  

  • Collect all forms from parents/guardians by September 12, 2020

How can parents submit their forms to the school?

Parents can drop off the completed forms to all three buildings daily between 8:30 am – 1:30 pm. 

Alternately, parents may submit their completed FIIF forms electronically by scanning the form and emailing to amaranda-mendoza@cps.edu and ejchandler@cps.edu. Please note that all forms must have an original signature, an electronic signature is not acceptable.  By signing the form, the parent/guardian certifies that they are authorized to complete the document and the information provided is true and accurate.  

Thank you,
Principal Shelton