A Message of Gratitude for our South Loop Family

This Thanksgiving Season, as you spend time with your family, on behalf of administration and staff, I want to take this time to tell you how grateful we are for our PARENTS.

We give thanks for all the wonderful support you have provided over the past years. Thank you for your dedication  to public education and  specifically our school community.  I really want you to know my heartfelt gratitude, especially during this time. The covid pandemic has pushed us all out of our comfort zone and asked more of us than we knew we could possibly give and/or provide. We are truly grateful for every parent who has taken on the role of an educator to help us provide the best possible remote learning experience we can for our children. This is a remarkable partnership,  and we are grateful for your support, time,  and commitment. 

I also understand your anxiety, frustration, stress, and uncertainty. Please know, as educators and parents, we all have the same concerns about our students’ academic and emotional well- being.  If you didn’t read my November message click here. I created a month of self-care activities for you to do to support your well-being. 

Happy Holidays! I want you to have an enjoyable and restful time with your family and friends. 


-Mrs. Shelton, Admin Team, and South Loop Teachers & Staff