A Safe & Supportive School for ALL STUDENTS


South Loop Parents,

We are following up on our Anti-Bullying and Title 9 Presentation discussed with students in October. Over the last several weeks we have been addressing a number of incidents with students discussing gender identity and pronouns with each other.

Our concern is when the conversations have crossed the line, imposing personal views or opinions, using insensitive languge (helicopter), using incorrect pronouns, and/or making unwarranted physical contact.

It is important we create an inclusive environment that is safe for all students. Every student at South Loop has the right to feel safe and valued in their school, and making others feel mocked or belittled by purposely misgendering them is tantamount to bullying. Going further, our views on inclusivity mean that we believe all of our students have a stable sense of their gender identity, and we will not stand by and allow any student to be marginalized due to any questioning of orientation or gender nonconformity. As we have said before, we together are a South Loop Lion Pride, and we must never allow any differences in our belief systems or personal ideologies to hinder our incredible potential, together, as a school.

Please review the presentation we have included with your child. What is most important to us is to respect however a person identifies, their pronoun choice, and them as a human being. Kindness always matters. Please prioritize these conversations with your students and encourage them to choose kindness.