*ACTION REQUIRED* 2020-21 Rosters Posted |ClassTag Classroom Communication: Invitation Request Form

If you have not yet done so, please complete the form associated with your child’s homeroom for 2020-21. Class Rosters were posted last week. It is important that classroom teachers have your updated email addresses so that they can add you to their Class Tag. Teachers would like to begin passing on important information to you about your child’s schedule, learning links, and more!


The class rosters have been posted outside the school building. Once you have identified who your child’s teacher and homeroom is, please complete the form below that applies. Each teacher has their own form to be completed, so make sure you choose the correct one, and fill a form out for each child. The form is simple, asking only for your child’s name, your name, and your email address. This is to help teachers generate a ClassTag invitation for you as soon as possible. Once you are connected to your child’s homeroom ClassTag, you will begin to receive specific information from your child’s teacher about meet and greets, the first week of school, Google Classroom codes, schedules, and more.

Additionally, for diverse learners, there are also form links to request to join a DL Teacher’s ClassTag.

TeacherGradeHomeroomForm Link
Ms. LovePreK101https://forms.gle/yRTrgd6kPXFm5hYe8
Mrs. SimmonsPreK103https://forms.gle/rG7zbU7pey6U16J77
Mrs. PiercePreK105https://forms.gle/ChNHuuNkXnpPtG9fA
Mrs. StanleyKindergarten124https://forms.gle/dSm1nJ7pN2CcbdJ86
Mr. DamaschkeKindergarten127https://forms.gle/SuyiE1F1gG5YRcWv7
Mrs. HerefordKindergarten131https://forms.gle/Gab258SGFKTDZj7Z7
Mrs. Martin1st Grade220https://forms.gle/kMp7VEPzN8j3Zhv38
Mrs. Wilson1st Grade221https://forms.gle/zfy639UTrerbQKMK6
Mrs. Loske1st Grade224https://forms.gle/cEVURdrviFb4Y16WA
Ms. Herron2nd Grade205https://forms.gle/29S4ALXVDELkVspQA
Mrs. Nguyen2nd Grade225https://forms.gle/jk4uzWqhoGVVVVr5A
Ms. Kryka2nd Grade226https://forms.gle/Q8sBHJL3Tr4xsP626
Ms. Kreid3rd Grade207https://forms.gle/4VyGDT7Sm2DzNhbh8
Ms. Yee3rd Grade208https://forms.gle/6BSRFE3RyCt8JQKZ8
Ms. Etzkorn3rd Grade 209https://forms.gle/Bfw8yJWf2fzoutET8
Mrs. Chueng4th Grade112https://forms.gle/hcfNDnWRZqGh7WsC8
Ms. Chan4th Grade115https://forms.gle/ZnL1km8qQWgPpMvq9
Ms. Bonga4th Grade116https://forms.gle/AFyqCtmupX964JGr6
Mrs. Heneghan5th Grade210https://forms.gle/29SZmRpyEfqYcquA9
Mrs. Ibarra5th Grade215https://forms.gle/dQdh2qhXiEkM7786A
Ms. Allababidi5th Grade216https://forms.gle/PJB93k4UwJDSvBYn6
Mr. Ziolo6th Grade310https://forms.gle/58JUnjWfVfmF89Lq8
Mr. Rocha 6th Grade316https://forms.gle/73atvqAUvqTZosePA
Mrs. King6th Grade321https://forms.gle/DZXrA3vStVnyh3vS7
Mrs. Welch7th Grade 312https://forms.gle/eXBadnGtHj65bDEfA
Mr. Berlanga7th Grade313https://forms.gle/huBtsYx9jGzaBrbe7
Mr. Coppola7th Grade315https://forms.gle/cr1Wje329fm9fNuM9
Mr. Phillips8th Grade415https://forms.gle/DxxYXhJHoUtoVMG88
Mr. Fanning 8th Grade416https://forms.gle/BsKMKpbXhqXqi45L7
Mr. Bruesch8th Grade414https://forms.gle/coT8C42hLUeCkDyF9
Diverse Learners (McNichols & Dillon)K-3https://forms.gle/ZxHmgyb96K2uC2M28
Diverse Learners (LaCoco, Miro, Stadwick)4-8https://forms.gle/YPb1wqgYduAMJdT66