An Important Message from Principal Shelton

One of the many things that makes South Loop such a special school is that we are first and foremost a community.  As a community, we welcome new families, we celebrate our milestones, and support one another in times of adversity.  In short, we are collectively responsible, as a community, to each other and our school. 

As a community, it’s important we do our part to keep everyone safe and keep our school open.  If possible, we don’t want to see students (or more students than necessary) return to remote learning due to failure to report a covid exposure to the school or to CPS.  As parents ourselves who balance the requirements of work and family, we understand the strain that quarantining puts on parents and on students. 

We never want to see students leave us to quarantine, but we believe in the science that recommends having exposed students quarantine away from school as the best method to prevent an outbreak of Covid19 and a widespread return to remote learning.  In the interest of your school community and all those that make it up, please be communicative, be open and honest, and trust that we will move through this next chapter successfully, so long as we do so together. 

We are all collectively responsible for the return to students being in school, please do your part to ensure we can keep them here where they need to be.  Please review  the resources to ensure we are all following and adhering to the same guidelines.


CPS Guide to Reopening

To help answer your questions about what this upcoming school year will look like, we have created a guide for our parents and educators that covers many important subjects, and that will be updated as new information becomes available.

Self Screener Instruction           

To keep our students and staff safe and healthy, families should run through the list of questions below before leaving home each day. VIEW IN SPANISH | VIEW IN ENGLISH

If you answer YES to any of the self-screening questions below, your child must not enter a CPS school or facility. We thank you for your cooperation and invite you to contact your child’s school or call our Back-to-School Hotline at   (773) 553-KIDS (5437) with any questions or concerns.

Health Screening Attestation form due by 9.3.21.

Link to District’s website for COVID related Resources.- CPS Health Safety Information

When a COVID case occurs at CPS schools. Contact Tracing

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must report the case to CPS at or call 773 553-KIDS. The district’s 24-person contact tracing team investigates the case   through a phone interview to gather specific, detailed, confidential information and identify close contacts. The team works six days per week and collaborates closely with the Chicago Department of Public Health. After the interview, the case is directed to isolate, and any unvaccinated close contacts are directed to quarantine. 

COVID-19 Safety Best Practices 

Districtwide COVID-19 data is tracked. Click link belowo    ·