An Important Message from Principal Shelton (Attention Middle School)

South Loop Families,

I am writing to you out of concern regarding the uptick in 5th and 6th grade students creating large group chats, FaceTime calls, and social media pages while adding students who do not attend South Loop School.  From what administration has observed, these chats begin seemingly harmless with kids joking and horsing around. As more and more students are added, the conversations turn inappropriate. These chats are riddled with profanity, sexually explicit, racially derogatory, discriminatory, and vulgar language.  Much of this language would fall under the federal Title IX laws. Please review the school’s Title IX & Anti-Bullying Presentation that was shared with students and families at the beginning of the school year.

We know that our students are not emotionally mature enough to discuss, let alone problem solve or navigate their way out of these conversations. While we are not obligated to address issues that occur at students’ homes on their personal devices, we are compelled to address them if and when we feel they are negatively impacting the safe environment we seek to build at our school. The CPS Student Code of Conduct will be followed to address any incidents that directly impact student learning, school functions, or activities.  Incidents concerning inappropriate usage of personal tech devices that occurs outside of school hours, events, or activities, and does not directly impact students during the school day should be addressed by parents/guardians.

Parenting in the digital age brings challenges none of our own parents faced.  Nonetheless, parents/guardians, it is your responsibility to monitor your child’s technology and online usage. Please add parental controls to your child’s device, be aware of when they are using tech devices, and if necessary take steps to ensure tech devices are shut off after certain hours.  

We want students to understand that their digital footprint never disappears and the consequence of using various platforms to cause harm or attempt to can result in disciplinary or even legal action. These real life consequences can have lasting impacts that we do not want to see haunting our students as they learn to navigate the world, apply for top schools, or even for jobs in the future. Please recognize the urgency in supporting your child around their tech usage, who they interact with, and what they are putting out on the internet. 

Below are helpful resources for setting up parental controls, starting conversations with your child about the importance of parental controls, and establishing trust around their tech usage. 

Tips From Common Sense Media:

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Principal Shelton