Around the World

Get your passports ready, as we are excited to announce the Around The World 2022 Event is coming soon!  Our student body is super lucky to be able to attend SLES, so rich in culture and diversities. What better way to share the wonders of our student’s background, then participate in this great event!

What:  Around the World 2022
Where:  Virtual (due to Covid)
When:  Mar 28 – Apr 4
Why: Sharing / Educating each other of our cultures
How:  3 minutes Video

All we need is 3 minutes of your student’s time!  Dressed in native attire (if accessible), your student  can talk about their country’s history, the capital, fun interesting foods, country’s people, teach a dance, learn a song, how to cook a native dish, the ideas are endless!  The important factor to take away is to be creative and have fun!  
Past parents have raved about how wonderful the event was, as students learn so much of where their roots came from, just by participating. And did we mention your student is not limited to their country of origin?  They can pick a country that interest them and share about that too!

To revisit last year’s Around the World to get ideas:

2022 Promo – check it out:–va5k/view

And don’t forget between now and June to share or donate – see Mrs. Shelton’s email:

If interested please email or thx!

We look forward to hearing from you!  
Janean Kwan & Abby Dryer (co-chairs)