Attention 4th-8th Grade: Specials Class Lists


Below is a link to the Specials Class List that indicates which fine arts elective class 4th-8th grade students have been assigned. Student requests were filled on a first come basis for those who completed the Middle School Fine Arts Elective form in June. Students who did not complete the form by the deadline, were assigned to a fine arts class by administrators. Some students may not have received their first choice.  However, ALL decisions are final. Students must remain in their fine arts class the entire school year. Requests to change electives will not be granted.

4th Grade parents/students ONLY: Please note that due to the overwhelming number of 4th grade students interested in band, only students whose first choice was art or music have been assigned to their specials class at this time. All other 4th grade specials slots will be assigned the first week of school. Mr. Zettl will reach out to interested band parents/students with the band participation expectations/agreement. Band slots will be filled on a first come basis depending on which students submit a signed form to Mr. Zettl and possibly an instrument rental agreement. Once Mr. Zettl’s band slots are filled, all other interested band students will be assigned to their second choice for specials class. Please be aware that some students may not receive their second choice depending on when they submitted their preference for specials classes. 

Also, use the specials supply list link to purchase the necessary materials for your child’s fine arts class. 4th grade students can purchase supplies after they have been assigned a specials class.  

Specials Class Lists

Specials Supply Lists


5th-8th grade band students: Parents will need to purchase band masks. Please see links below:

Instrumentalist Masks

Instrument Bell Cover Mask
All 4th-8th Grade band students must pay a $50 Band fee. Band Fees can be paid online via

NEW 4th-8th GRADE STUDENTS ONLYParents of new 4th-8th grade students who have not already done so will need to have their child select which fine arts class they would like to attend for the school year.  Students will choose between Visual Art, Band, and Vocal Music. Each student needs to select their top two choices for a fine arts elective.  

**Note that 7th & 8th grade students who have not had at least 1 year of training on a musical instrument, MAY NOT select band as their fine arts elective.**

Please realize that your child(ren) may not receive their first choice. Once they are assigned to a fine arts elective group, they must remain in that group for the entire school year and will attend all specials classes (P.E. & Media) with the same group. Requests to change electives because a student did not receive their first choice, or has changed their mind, will not be honored.
Students who have not selected a fine arts elective will be assigned to a fine arts class by administrators. Parents, please discuss with your 4th-8th grade child(ren) which fine arts elective they would like.

 PARENTS OF NEW STUDENTS ONLY please reply to Mrs. Anders by August 20th at with the following information:

Students Name:Grade-level:

Elective Choice #1:

Elective Choice #2:

Students selecting 7th or 8th grade Band ONLYplease also include the following:


Number of Years Played: