Attention 5th-8th Grade: SLS Cell Phone Policy

South Loop Community,

Recently we have experienced a concerning amount of student cell phone usage during class.  In some cases, we have learned that up to 30 students at a time are in group chats during class time, which has led to a concerning increase in cell phone infractions. Students are using their cell phones during bathroom breaks.  At South Loop our cell phone policy is very simple: upon arrival, all cell phones must be turned off and stored in backpacks.  Students are reminded every morning prior to entering the school  building.

Cell phone usage during class is detrimental to the academic gains we are seeking to make since returning from remote learning.  We know our students grew ever more reliant on technology and social media throughout their remote learning experience, and so we ask our parents to partner with us in ensuring that the learning environment at school is as free from distractions as possible.  

Equally concerning is that we have had instances where conflicts between students, most of which could otherwise be solved through staff-led mediation or conflict resolution, are being recorded and posted to social media.  Recording and posting content of this kind is not only illegal, it is also incredibly damaging to the culture we are seeking to create with our students back in buildings.  I ask that you please have serious conversations with your students about how cell phone usage during school can lead to a multitude of negative consequences. If we continue to address the cell phone policy with students, our next steps will be to collect and store cell phones prior to the start of each class.  


Cell phones must be turned off and stored at all times when on the school bus, on school property or inside the school building. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in discipline according to the Student Bill of Rights.  

While cell phones have offered parents a direct link to their children, they can and have created problems by creating a disruption to the educational process. 

Cell phones cannot be out for any reason during school hours/school activities (recess, lunch and morning drop off).

In the event of an emergency only, please contact the main office for communication with your child(ren). Please do not call or text your child during school hours. Please do not encourage your child to call or text you during school hours: lunch hours, recess breaks, or during school led activities.

Any student who does not adhere to this policy will have the following consequences:

1st offense: Cell phone will be confiscated and returned to a parent/guardian.

2nd and beyond offenses: Cell phones will be confiscated, returned to a parent/guardian and students will be issued a 1-day after-school or before school detention. 

Student Code of Conduct Book 

1-7 Use of the CPS network for the purpose of accessing non-educational materials, such as games and other inappropriate materials 

1-8 Unauthorized use or possession of cellular telephones or other information technology devices

 Documented Teacher, Student, Parent/Guardian, and/or Administrator Conference focused on expectation violated, cause of behavior, and strategy to prevent recurrence 

• Recommended instructive, corrective, or restorative response (see Guidelines for Effective Discipline)

 • Detention – lunch, before school, after school, or Saturday

Thank you for your support in our cell phone policy.