Attention 7th and 8th Grade Parents

Dear 7th/8th Grade Parents,

I’m writing to you to urge additional vigilance and caution about the increasing numbers of reports from different schools of students ingesting THC edibles.  In the last month students at two different schools were taken to the hospital for becoming ill after ingesting edibles.  

More close to home, I am hearing students at South Loop discussing edibles in school.  Typically, student witness reports or rumblings lead to an investigation conducted by me.  Currently, I have concerns of edible use with our 7th and 8th graders.  I don’t have enough information yet to conduct a search, but I wanted to share this concern now with our parent community so that we can all remain vigilant.  

I understand times have changed and that marijuana is now legal, but it is important not to have edibles readily accessible to our children.  Please take extra precaution to lock these items in a secure place.  Our children are curious and heavily influenced by misinformation about what the effects of taking edible THC products may lead to.  

At this time, I am asking parents to be willing to randomly check your child’s backpack, talk to them about the dangerous effects edibles can have on their bodies and/or mental wellbeing if they were to ingest something without awareness of its potency or the ingredients it may contain.  We will continue to urge students not to share foods/treats with one another especially from an unknown source because they may not know the ingredients contained within them.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for doing your part to keep South Loop Elementary school safe for all students


Principal Shelton