Attention 8th Grade Families: High School Round 2 Application Window has opened

High School Round 2 Application Window has opened

You are able to now apply to all available choice programs from Monday, May 11th – Monday, May 18th.  There are 2 selective enrollment schools with available seats and they are King College Prep and South Shore International.  There are no paper applications available for Round 2 thus if you are unable to access a device to apply you can call the Office of Access and Enrollment to assist with applying at 773.553.2060.  


Remember if you apply to a school in this second round and are offered a seat you automatically forfeit your first round offer.  So, please be sure that if you do apply it’s for a program or school that you want more than your first round offer.


8th Grade students/families  who enrolled into South Loop after the first round application deadline of December 13th, this is now the final opportunity to apply to any available programs and schools.  Again, the only way to apply is ONLINE you must signup for your GoCPS account with an activation code that I must provide you.  

I am not aware of the full list of schools with available seats.  However, a few schools have reached out to me to let me know that they have seats available.  

-Noble Network Rauner Campus

-Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville


You may contact me as always via email at