Attention 8th Grade Families (Please Read Full Reminder)

Attention 8th Grade Parents

I would like to thank all of you who have applied to high schools and scheduled any/all of the additional application requirements.  The Office of Access and Enrollment has extended the application deadline to Friday, January 8th.  However, again I highly recommend that you complete the application and additional requirements (schedule selective enrollment exam, auditions, portfolios, etc) by Friday, December 18th.

They have also requested that parents who fall into 1 of the 2 categories below to please complete the letter of intent by Friday, January 8th.  Please click the link to complete the letter of intent form here :

  1. Leaving CPS (going to a private/parochial or suburban high school)
  2. Attending your neighborhood high school

Applying and scheduling is all done ONLINE on the website.  If you have already created an account then you login and update and/or schedule the necessary information.  Applying and scheduling all must be completed again by the new extended DEADLINE of Friday, January 8th.  

PLEASE NOTE: Your child CAN NOT receive a potential offer from any school if you don’t apply and schedule/attend all of the necessary requirements.  For example not taking the selective enrollment exam.  Not completing an audition for a performing arts/music program (ex: Lincoln Park, Curie, ChiArts, etc)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 


Mrs. Brewer

School Counselor