Attention 8th Grade Families: Waitlist Process

Dear Eighth Grade Families,

The High School rolling waitlist is now live as of Monday, April 1st, 2024 at 10 am!

This is a chance to add additional programs to your existing GoCPS application or apply for the 24-25 school year for the first time. If you are happy with the offer you have already accepted, you should not participate in the Rolling Waitlist and you can disregard this email.

Waitlist offers will go out to families as schools make them. Remember, only programs that have not met their capacity will make waitlist offers.

Before considering joining the rolling waitlist, please be advised that if accepting an offer from the waitlist, your previous offer will be DECLINED. Offer decisions submitted during the rolling waitlist process cannot be reversed.

Additionally, if looking to join the waitlist for a Selective Enrollment program, your student must decline any previously accepted Selective Enrollment HS offers before being able to join a selective waitlist. As such, please proceed with caution when declining offers to join the rolling waitlist as decisions cannot be reversed and traditionally, the Selective Enrollment high schools have made very few offers from the waitlist. If a selective waitlist offer is made, the applicant will be automatically removed from all other selective waitlists regardless of rank. Therefore, please only add yourself to selective waitlists where you would accept the offer if made. If you were automatically placed on selective waitlists in the initial round of offers, you can withdraw from waitlists for programs from which you would not accept an offer.

Helpful Tips

  • After schools make the offer, the offer is available in the parent portal the next morning at 8 am.
  • Offers are available to accept/decline for 2 business days.
  • Offers always EXPIRE at 8 am 2 business days after the offer went live
  • Accepting a waitlist offer for a choice program does not impact students’ waitlist positions.
  • If a student does not accept their waitlist offer and it expires, they will need to go back and put themselves on the rolling waitlist again to see if the program will issue them a new offer. This will only happen if there is still space available in the program when the student reaches the top of the waitlist.
  • The rolling waitlist for selective enrollment programs will run through the 20th day of the 24-25 school year and early January for choice programs.

Here’s a guide to the process Guide

As always please contact me with any questions


Mrs. Brewer