Attention Middle School: Keeping our School Clean

Dear Middle School Parents,

Please have conversations with your children about being mindful and respecting our new building. Because it is a new facility, it is very difficult to get resources to repair or repaint damaged walls and equipment caused by neglect from our students. The district uses those resources to support so many other schools that need upgrades, not one that is brand new.

It is our responsibility to take excellent care of our building and be mindful and appreciative of the space. I have found myself having to speak to students on a daily basis about dropping trash on the ground, letting papers fall, pencil markings on the walls and furniture, and food finger/handprints on the walls. It is disappointing that student are not being more proactive about keeping our school clean.

Please talk about the role they play in our school community and how important it is to love, live, and learn in a well taken care of space!

Thank you,

Principal Shelton