Attention Middle School Parents

Dear Middle School Parents,

It has come to my attention that there is a Tik Tok challenge that has encouraged students to damage school property. Last week, there was an incident in the 8th grade boys bathroom where the wall was defaced with a foul smelling liquid/food, the incident was recorded and shared with other students. This type of behavior is unacceptatble and will not be tolerated.

Please talk to your children about the consequences for defacing school property. It is disappointing that our children value social media content and followers more than the cleanliness and quality of our school building.

Any student found participating in this act will be held to the Student Code of Conduct guidelines found­about/­policies/­student-code-of-conduct-policy/­

 *5-15 Willful or malicious destruction or defacing of property or criminal damage to property that results in damage exceeding $500 or that is done to personal property belonging to any school personnel *5-19 Participating in a large or disorderly group of students using force to cause injury to a person or property, or persisting in severe disruption after being directed to cease by school personnel or Police • The principal may request an expulsion hearing at their discretion • For behaviors involving the improper use of the CPS network or information technology devices, revocation of network privileges for up to two years.

We have only utilized this beautiful brand new building for 2 years, and we are so fortunate to have a facility equipped with brand new amentities for our students. This building is OUR HOME and we should be mindful, respectful, and PRIDEful of how we treat it.


Principal Shelton