Attention Middle School Parents- Important Message from Principal Shelton

South Loop Parents,

I write to you out of concern regarding some behaviors our students have been engaging in.  I was made aware this morning that South Loop students are participating in group chats on the Discord platform (  This platform is mainly being used to share cell phone videos, much of which includes bullying behaviors, sexually explicit language, and other inappropriate material.  More concerning still is that students are using this platform to communicate with students at other schools, during school hours, where many have chosen to engage in and share inappropriate conversations, images, and videos.  I am asking that every South Loop middle school parent have a serious conversation with your student this weekend regarding safe and appropriate technology usage.

8th Grade Parents, a more specific letter from me was sent to you by homeroom teachers.

If you visit Common Sense Media  it will tell you that Discord is a communication platform for gaming. There it states, “While there are good features available for opting in to conversations, this is still a social-networking app, and it’s primarily geared toward adults. As you might find on any social network, there are occasional issues with abusive language… If you’re going to let your younger teen use it, check out these tips around how to use the settings wisely.”