Attention Parents: 2020-2022 CIWP Planning- Upcoming Meetings

Dear South Loop Parents,

We have begun developing our 2020-2022 CIWP (Continuous Improvement Work Plan).  The Continuous Improvement Work Plan from Chicago Public Schools is the strategic planning process of schools that also meets the federal and state requirements of a school improvement plan. This plan establishes a school’s mission, and the strategies and milestones the school will take to accomplish its goals.

The CIWP follows a continuous improvement cycle, where goals, strategies and milestones are monitored regularly and adjusted as needed.  At South Loop, we work to ensure the CIWP process is an inclusive one, with input from school leaders, staff members, and our broader school community.  For any parents interested in being part of the beginning phase of our 2020 CIWP process, we welcome you to attend any of the upcoming meetings:

7:30am at the Middle School on March 4th, March 18, April 1st, and April 15th.

As always, thank you for continuing to partner with us in providing a top quality educational experience for your children.