Beginning of the Year Reminders

Lunch Application -2019-2020 school year families Only:
School funding is based on the number of approved lunch applications completed. Please complete one form per family. NEW: FY21 Family Income Information Form (electronically fillable version. Please download first)

Travel Guidance- CDPH and CPS
CDPH released updated travel guidance ahead of the Labor Day Weekend urging those who are unvaccinated to delay travel until fully vaccinated, and for all Chicago residents to avoid travel to areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases. You can also visit the district’s Travel Guidance page.

Conversations to have with your child(ren) about COVID safety

  • In-person learning will not look or feel the same as they remember it.
  • While this is an exciting time and natural for students to see their friends, Social distancing MUST occur AT ALL TIMES. There should be no physical contact during recess or P.E, or anytime during the day. At no time will students be allowed to have any physical contact; no touching,  hugging, walking in pairs, or groups.  
  • You must wear a mask the entire day including during recess and P.E.
  • Families must complete the quarterly attestation page and be honest about their child’s health status. 
  • Temperatures will be checked every morning upon entry into the school building and again before lunch or recess.
  • All students will eat in the lunchroom. Students will be assigned to a table and seat markers will be at each table. Students must remain seated on markers at all times with their masks on, unless they are eating.
  • To prevent the spread of aerosols, there will be no talking during lunch while students are seated in close proximity to one another.
  • Once you finish your lunch, you must immediately put your mask back on. 
  • If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of illness or has a temperature, keep them home. 
  • Students who exhibit any signs or symptoms of illness during the school day will be removed from class, sent to the care room, and a parent will be called to pick them up immediately. While schools may feel restricted, these measures are put in place to keep all students and staff safe.

School Uniforms
Uniform: Solid White top and Navy blue bottoms only. No Jeans except on Wednesdays with a solid purple shirtGym: Solid grey shirt and navy blue bottoms only. Students may wear the school uniform until October 1st. 

Say No to Bullying 
Starting on Wednesday, September 8th and every Wednesday, students can wear a Solid Purple or Paws Off shirt and jeans to show their stand against bullying in our school.  

8th Grade Fundraiser
Parents can pay $2 weekly or a one time fee of $48.00  using the link below beginning on September 24th

Drop Off

Primary Building: Students cannot arrive to school before 7:30am unless supervised by a parent

Middle School: Students cannot arrive to school before 8:00am unless supervised by a parent.

Traffic Pattern Reminders
PRIMARY BUILDING- Do not drive North on Plymouth Court at anytime

Middle School Building- Do not Drive South on Dearborn at any time. Drop off and Pick up is on the East side of the Dearborn and 16th Streets only. Please do not drop students off in the alley. Please do not stop, block, or stand in the alley or the staff parking lot.

C:\Users\tsshelton\Downloads\1601_trafficpattern (1).png